a hybrid approach combining

emotional marketing, statistics

and expertise

Our ambition? Provide a unique experience for the press, influencers, agencies and advertisers by challenging the codes of the Influence and Communication professions to finally combine notoriety, loyalty and ROI.

Our features

A precise and global analysis of audiences related to the Press and Influencers, specially designed to address the global issues of digital transformation, customer experience and profitability of Press and Influence campaigns.

Intelligent Management

An emotional approach to influence marketing with turnkey support and a precise analysis of the typology of consumers linked to influencers.

Hybrid approach

A unique experience that creates the difference. The impact of studied and relevant content on audience, e-reputation and ROI.

Audience Analysis

Real-time analysis of audience reactions, demographics, content generated, market trends and expert advice on campaign structure.

Joana, the first virtual influencer specializing in Artificial Intelligence, Marketing and Communication

Enjoy Visions of Joana and our expertise

Choose your partner influencers
  • Monitor the impact of your campaign on consumers
  • Precise geographical targeting
  • An analysis of the audience typology
  • No remuneration for influencers
Create a creative campaign
  • Optimize your content creation with a team of specialists
  • Create an original device for an impactful Emotional Marketing
  • Performance of your campaign with a closer audience / ROI
Monitor the impact of your campaign on consumers
  • Adherence of audiences to your products and e-reputation
  • Established performance against your competitors' brands during your campaign
  • Ranking of the impact generated by your partner influencers
  • Typology of consumers affected and engagement rate

Are you an advertiser ?

Test the VOJ concept with : MaComAgency


Hôtel Marignan Champs Elysées 5*
Sadaf Beauty Diary

Interactions generated in 1 hour

Increase in the engagement rate of the hotel’s networks


Warner Bros Lego Ninjago©


Interactions generated over 1 month


Partner Influencers

Are you a Media or an Influencer ? How can VOJ help you to value your work?

Monthly analysis of the quality of your
audiences to promote your Media Kits


Optimization of your engagement rate

Improving your notoriety with the brands


Enjoy a unique experience whatever the sector

Joana users who are succeeding with Visions of  Joana

More than an experience, it is a meeting, our partners testify:

The complementarity of the Visions Of Joana tool and the know-how of the public relations agency MaComAgency, has enabled us to identify the most relevant influencers for our clients and also to quantify our communications actions for complete transparency. Marie and her team were very attentive to our needs and very responsive, I can only recommend the services of VOJ.


Guillaume Vaslin

This approach has enabled us to significantly boost our business by becoming one of the best in the market in our field. The team is very reactive and has a consistent and reliable address book! Thank you for your work!


Joana Giacalone
CEO of Cils en Seine

A fruitful and pleasant collaboration, creativity and an extraordinary strength of proposal which are essential for us. We were able to see the good results of this collaboration from the very first months. Their involvement, their rigor and their diversified range of skills have enabled us to increase our visibility quickly.


Monica S.
Global Sales Manager, Hôtel Marignan Champs Elysées
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Our team is at your disposal to present the concept, its objectives, performance indicators and innovation thanks to a unique artificial intelligence based on emotion, figures and relationships.

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